Master Series Pyramids Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with 'O' Rings


Price: $33.00

A high end, deviously erotic unisex pleasure kit for lovers of nipple stimulation, the Master Series Pyramids Nipple Amplifier Set presents a customizable, user friendly, and definitely effective way to ready these nerve-ending packed erogenous zones for pleasure. To get sexily perky and deliciously sensitive, simply place your choice of glass pump over a nipple and squeeze the bulb. Gentle suction will build up in the pump portion immediately, which in turn encourages blood flow to the area, firming up the nipple and naturally increasing sensitivity. To keep the perked up effect lasting, place one of the 8 included rubber rings over the mouth of the pump before a session, and slide it over the nipple before releasing suction. As there are two pump sizes to choose from, and 4 variations of ring per pump, you're sure to find a combination that suits.

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