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What are the ingredients in Performance Plus?
Epimidium Brevicornum:
In Asian countries, the leaf are usually useful for dealing with fatigue and also stimulating libido since the 16th century. Basically a time-tested aphrodisiac that raises sex drive in women and men and also boosts erectile performance. As the specific method it really works is still unknown, the herb continues to be used for hundreds of years to rejuvenate intimate performance, increase dating need, erectile purpose, and also decrease fatigue.

Panax Ginseng:
This is regarded the important of most supplements, along with the many venerable of most aphrodisiacs. This nutrient has long been used for many years to relieve fatigue and improve intimate vitality. Studies have found that ginseng has some substances known a ginsenosides which have been able to improve libido and overall performance. Among the ginsenoside ingredient have been learned to produce helping penile erection by instantly activating the vasodilatation as well as comfort of the corpus cavernosum.


Cinnamomum Cassia:
Popular in classic Chinese medicine which is among the '50 Basic Herbs'. A couple of research recommend that cinnamon can have a regulatory impact on blood sugars , which also offers an anti-clotting consequence that , in return , assists to develop the entire blood circulation in your body. It is usually thought to improve energy and strength also.


Cordyceps Sinesis & Lycium Barbarum:
In classic Chinese medication, Cordyceps is known as a renowned aphrodisiac. It is usually assumed to reduce fatigue, develop bodily stamina, increase sex drive, and also bring back lovemaking performance.


Lycium Barbarum, also referred to as the "Super Fruit", could reduce growing older, increase libido, as well as deal with cancer. This is a renowned Chinese medication which has been historically useful for improving durability, developing power, improving sexual capacity, and even continues to be used as an enriched dating tonic.


How Performance Plus Works:
Performance Plus is all-natural and does not contain drugs that can leave you feeling flushed with headache or flulike symptoms like many vitality drugs. There are no known side effects when taken as directed. Our fast acting clinically proven ingredients work with your body to enhance your peak performance.


Recommended Dosage:
As a dietary supplement, take one capsule 45-60 minutes before desired effect with at least 8 oz of warm water. As with all dietary supplements, keep out of reach of children. Do not use product if seals are missing or broken. Consult your physician before beginning any natural supplements. Store in a dry place at room temperature.