Max Trigger 2 Tablets


Price: $7.00

MD Science Labs MAX Trigger® A Natural Stimulant-Free Testosterone Booster. Loss of testosterone is a major reason why men gain weight, feel lethargic and have decreases in sexual virility.

MAX Trigger® is a blend of 14 components with ingredients such as Triulus, Terrestris, Xanthoparmelia and Macuna Pruriens to boost, stabilize and free up bond testosterone. Stimulate Free this formulation is designed to increase sex drive, build lean body mass and increase energy for vigorous and effective workouts.

MAX Trigger® is an all natural, stimulant-free tablet that is designed for men who are sensitive to stimulants but still would like to enhance their sexual performance. MAX Trigger® boosts testosterone levels for men to increase sexual desire. It also helps to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. As with any supplement, consult your doctor if you have underlying health problems.

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