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Big Flirt Pheromone Infused Bubble Bath – Tropical Tease

Are you a parking ticket? Because you have FINE written all over you.
Create a Romantic moment with our scented bubble bath, infused with pheromones that will put you in the mood and make you feel sexy.

Nothing is more romantic than soaking with your sweetie in a super flirty, ultra-fluffy bubble bath…the warm, silky water and a magical aroma will take you both away. Big Flirt Bubble Bath is infused with arousing pheromones and aphrodisiac essential oils that put you both in the mood and make you feel sexy.
Scented with essential oils and fragrances

Add to warm bath water while it is flowing out of the tap
Infused with unisex pheromones to make you feel sexy and flirt the night away.
Directions: Pour 1-2 capfuls into running bath water. Use more as desired, For external use only.

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