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Craving some long, luscious, platinum grey and black ombré locks but don’t want to go through all that upkeep? Or maybe you have a special costume planned that’ll require a hair transformation. In either case, plus many more, the extra eye-catching Gina from Pleasure Wigs has all the length, softness and security you need.

Styled into a classic center part with smooth straightness flowing into natural curls, Gina’s top layer is extra light ashy gray, letting a deeper black underlayer peep through naturally. Speaking of natural, Gina’s adjustable wig cap features a faux-skin crown/parting that won’t give you away.

Gina is washable and reusable. Wash with a good wig shampoo, dry, comb and set. It’ll bounce back into its original shape with no muss or fuss.

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