Master Series Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage

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Deviously designed for more advanced restriction play, and incredibly good-looking with its shiny stainless steel bars, the breathtakingly durable, completely tamper-proof Asylum 6 Chasity Cage from the Master Series is extremely, excitingly functional when it comes to exerting total control over your cock of choice.Once you’re ready to truss up your playmate and you have the three pieces spread out, you’ll first notice the sleek, firm, multi-ringed cage in a shiny chrome coated stainless steel. It’s shaped to comfortably (but very securely) contain the penis, preventing him from touching, rubbing and otherwise interfering with the imposed chastity. The cage itself is about 6 inches in length, fitting most natural state penises- it’s meant to fully surround the head and shaft and is attached to a firm 1.75 inch (44mm) metal cock and ball ring via a simple, rotating hinge locking pin.The Asylum 6 has a opening at the front for urine and otherwise, so it’s suited for long term wear, if desired. Speaking of long term wear, the Cage also features an optional stainless steel urethral spout, this 4 inch hollow plug can be secured to the front end of the cage through a threaded entry, if desired.Made from extra hygienic, hypoallergenic stainless steel, the material making up this chastity device is hypoallergenic and completely body safe, not to mention extremely durable. Its fully waterproof, able to be worn in the shower, pool and otherwise, plus it’s easy to clean with simple soap and water. Any type of lubricant can technically be used, though a sterile, one-time use medical grade formula is recommended when using the steel urethral sound for health reasons. On that note, be sure to follow sterile procedures during cleansing and use for your safety and comfort.

1 steel cage
1 base ring
1 removable urethral plug
1 comfort hinge tube
1 brass lock with 3 keys


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