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The trivia card game for “last night out”, wedding, or anniversary parties!

A couple invites their friends over to play Mr. and Mrs. either separately at “last night out” parties, or the couple plays together at a wedding or anniversary party.

To begin the game, the groom must answer all the questions on the “For Her” cards while the bride must answer all the questions on the “For Him” cards. The decks are then given to the bride and groom’s closest friends. During the game, the groom’s male friends quiz him with all the “For Him” cards while the bride’s friends quiz her with the “For Her” cards.

The winner is chosen as the player who gets the most answers correct. If the bride and groom are playing separately at their bachelorette or bachelor parties, the groom or bride take must a drink for all wrong answers. Alternatively, they must assign a drink when correct!

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