Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps

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When it comes to nipple clamps, please know that you have TONS of exciting options. You’ve got your standard alligator clamps, some clamps vibrate, others are weighted, some are spring loaded – our point is that your/your partner’s nipple play possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re after an adjustable, weighty pair that can be heated or cooled if the temperature play mood should strike, CalExotics has you (and your nipples!) covered with the Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps.

Coming to you and yours in a unique twist-style that has adjustable, PVC tipped pinchers capturing your or your playmate’s nipple flesh from either side. To widen or shrink the space between the grips – and to increase or decrease the pinch level – just twist the barrel shaped base of each 2.57oz/73g clamp.

As for the temperature play we mentioned, to warm or chill your Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps, pop them into some heated or icy water for a few minutes pre-play. In durable stainless steel, zinc alloy and PVC, the Clamps can be spot cleaned as needed.

* Each Twist Nipple Clamp is about 5.5″/14cm long in total 

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