Ouch! Magnetic Diamond Pin Nipple Clamps

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When it comes to all sorts of sexy doings, preferences obviously come into play. And there are many, many preferences out there. It’s a beautiful thing! Some folks like to be teased, some like to be flogged, and, when it comes to nipple play, some people like a more, shall we say, aggressive pinch. That’s where the Magnetic Diamond Pin Nipple Clamps from Ouch! come in.

Weighty and non-adjustable, these gorgeous aluminum clamps attach to your or your partner’s nipples via simple, super-strong magnetic attraction. That said, yes, the magnets are extremely powerful! Please be careful.

To get your Diamond Pins positioned, pull the pieces apart, place each over/around a nipple in question, then SLOWLY join the magnets back together.  Erect nipples works best, so use whatever means necessary to prime ’em up first.

Once in place, the clamps hang on tight for a tight, unrelenting pressure that’s more suited to experienced nipple clamp users. Fans of temperature play will adore the fact that the Diamond Pins can be easily heated or chilled pre-play – just pop your clamps in to some warm or cold water.

* Each Clamp is about 2″/5cm long

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