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STAG 9000 is a modern and advanced spray that is designed to help men to maximize their sensation and have their performance last long in bed.
STAG 9000 can effectively enhance the sexual endurance and provide an ultimate satisfaction for you and your partner!
STAG 9000 is specially designed for guys to stay in control longer. It is portable and easy to use and is a better alternative to greasy desensitizing lubes, delay creams, and duration pills.
Forget about premature ejaculation and any disappointments. Simply apply the climax prolonging spray, wait for 5-10 minutes, and enjoy the moment!

Local application arouses the cells and improves the cells’ energy stores. This innovative spray contains natural VITAMIN E that is very easily absorbed. The original spray with vitamin E feeds and activates the cells. Vitamin E regenerates cells activity.

Ingredients: Benzocaine – 6%

STAG 9000 DELAY SPRAY works! And works fast to delay ejaculation. The longest selling and most popular Delay Spray for Men, STAG 9000 DELAY SPRAY conforms to FDA, HEALTH CANADA regulations and is licensed by many leading Health Authorities globally. Safe and Effective STAG 9000 DELAY SPRAY is safe and effective and contains Lidocaine 9.6% w/w as its active ingredient. By temporarily desensitizing the penis, STAG 9000 DELAY SPRAY allows men to take their time before reaching climax. This promotes a longer and better sexual experience for both women and men.

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