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A kinky tool that opens (literally!) lots of anal playtime possibilities, Rouge’s Stainless Steel Anal Speculum is 100% functional, definitely advanced and practically indestructible.

In shiny steel, the Speculum spreads you/them wide with two curvy prongs. To use, have the to-be-penetrated partner spread their legs while the other gently inserts the instrument. Squeeze the handle slowly to open the prongs to your preferred extreme of visual (and physical) access, then lock the prongs into position with a screw-pin.
If you’ve never played with stainless steel before, prepare to be impressed! Not only will the silvery surface quickly warm to meet body temperature, it can be heated or cooled beforehand with a quick soak in warm or cold water.

In Rouge’s signature stainless steel steel, the Stainless Steel Anal Speculum is safe for sensitive skin. Extremely easy to clean, a must-have feature of any good quality anal toy, this tool will be squeaky clean after a thorough scrub using warm soapy water or a good antibacterial toy care fluid/foam. It can also be boiled or bleached, if you’d prefer. Compatible with all lubricant types. Avoid abrasive surfaces to keep the Speculum in play-ready shape for the long haul.

* The Speculum is about 6″ (15.2cm) in total length with 3 insertable inches (7.6cm). Each prong is about 1.25″/3.2 at widest. The Speculum opens to about 1-1.25″/2.5-3.2cm)

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