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In the world of nipple clamps, there are many species of pinch! You’ve got your standard alligator clamps, some vibrate, others are weighted, some are spring loaded – our point is that your options are almost endless. If you’re after something a little different in the clamp department, Rouge and these Stainless Steel Ball End Nipple Clamps have you and your nipples covered.

In pleasantly weighty stainless steel, these clamps feature a unique square shape, with two vertical bars crossing two horizontal ones. Twist the non-fixed ball end to lock the contoured cross-pieces into place once they’re as tight a you or your partner likes.

To warm or chill your Clamps, just pop them in some heated or icy water for a few minutes pre-play. The stainless steel will hold the temperature for a good long while as you make use of them in sexy settings.

The Stainless Steel Ball Ended Nipple Clamps are easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any lubricant type.

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