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A toe-curling test of who can hold out the longest, the Nude Game for Couples from Ozze is an absolutely arousing adult board game that will keep you on the edge until the finish line (if you can last, that is!). Just as the name suggests, Nude is played in the buff so be prepared to completely undress before beginning. You also get to choose the sexy grand prize that you’ll be competing for, be it a massage, sex in your preferred position, or a gift, so you’ll want to decide together before playing. And finally, collect your favorite toys and stimulators before you sit down to play, as some cards call for sex accessories including ice cubes, sweets, alcoholic beverages, lube and condoms, rope or handcuffs along with the included blindfold and vibrating ring.

The object of the game is to avoid reaching climax before reaching the game-winning square on the board, and conversely trying to make your partner orgasm before they land on the final block so that you automatically win the game. To play, each player takes a path on the board decided by your sex, alternatively rolling the die and performing acts as indicated on the squares and accompanying cards. Along with claiming the prize at the end of the game, the winner is free to finally release their pent up orgasm by any means desired.

1 Game Board
1 Blindfold
1 Vibrating Ring
4 Decks of Cards
2 Tokens
1 Die

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